Our customizable, high purity water turbine rinse systems mitigate corrosion, improve operational readiness and reduce maintenance costs by millions.  Turbo Pure Water™ systems are an essential piece of GSE, trusted by the U.S. Coast Guard and Army Reserve National Guard.  These systems also support the health and safety of the warfighter by providing high purity water for medical applications and biologically secure drinking water anywhere in the world.

3000 hours with tap water rinse

3800 hours with high purity water rinse

Photo source: Turbomeca

Because high precision helicopter turbines are susceptible to damage by minuscule particulate accumulation or corrosion, even an accumulation of tiny amounts of ash can make a noticeable difference in horsepower. Salt residue can corrode and even ruin these expensive engines. This is why high precision helicopter turbines should be flushed out with high purity water after each flight in order to protect the expensive engines from damage caused by particulates or corrosion.

Companies that don’t follow these recommendations risk down time, decrease employee safety, and potentially cause severe damage to their expensive helicopter engines. Engine manufacturers will deny warranty claims on ruined engines if the problem is found to be from insufficient cleaning based on manufacturer’s cleaning specs.

Common solutions include reverse osmosis, deionization, simple distillation or even bottled water. However, these solutions cannot offer the consistent level of purity that is needed to protect expensive high precision helicopter turbines.

Turbo Pure Water™ Enhanced Distillation Systems produce 99.9% pure water that meets or exceeds proper aircraft maintenance procedures specifications. Field use of our systems results in significant corrosion mitigation of turbines and airframes, extends overall lifecycles of air fleets, and improves operational readiness, which supports warfighter safety. These portable, easy-to-install systems require minimal maintenance and have a field-proven service life of at least a decade.

Turbo Pure Water meets and exceeds ISO-3696, Turbomeca (now Safran), & Rolls Royce standards.
Turbo Pure Water meets and exceeds ISO-3696, Turbomeca (now Safran), & Rolls Royce standards.

With Turbo Pure Water™ as your primary water source, you can extend the life of your fleet, mitigate corrosion on turbine blades, greatly reduce overhaul & maintenance costs and provide your crew with a bio-secure potable water source in any location, fed from virtually any source.

This chart shows the Torque Margin of a Turbomeca 2C2 engine that was not maintaining marginal TQ. When the engine rinse water was changed to Turbo Pure Water™ as part of the “Personalized Maintenance Program”, a significant increase in performance occurred.

Turbo Pure Water™ Enhanced Distillation Systems have achieved full-scale manufacturing and widespread deployment, resulting in safer, satisfied operators and maintenance crews across several military branches. We are ready to customize Turbo Pure Water™ systems for you!