The Benefits of Using a Turbo Pure Water Rinse

  • Improved Torque & Performance
  • Extended Turbine Life
  • Reduced Overhaul Costs
  • Improved Reliability and T.B.O.

Turbine Blade Life and Performance

What do your turbine blades look like?

Turbine blades with corrosion
Turbine blades after 3000 hours of operation with a tap water final rinse

If they look like the row of blades above, then your helicopter performance is dramatically reduced. Corrosion is dangerous! Corroded blades also turn a standard overhaul into a premature, costly overhaul.

To keep your turbine blades in excellent shape (like the ones pictured below), increase performance, and extend the lifespan, use the best quality water and rinse correctly.

Turbine blades without corrosion
Turbine blades after 3800 hours of operation with an enhanced distilled water final rinse

Torque Margin & Proper Cleaning/Rinsing with Ultra-Pure Water

This chart shows the Torque Margin of a Turbomeca 2C2 engine. The customer was having trouble staying at marginal TQ. When the engine rinse water was changed to an ultra-pure water, an immediate increase in performance is shown.

How does your performance compare?

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