Turbo Pure Water Customized Airframe Wash & Turbine Rinse System

Turbo Pure Water is a division of Pure & Secure LLC, a U.S. manufacturing company that provides high-end water purification solutions to companies and governments around the world. Turbo Pure Water was created to address the specific needs of the high precision helicopter turbine rinse and airframe wash water market, and it has been expanded to include medical and warfighter support.

Our Commitment

Our customers are the heart and soul of our business.  We build relationships, not just distillation systems.  We provide professional service and installation around the world.

Turbo Pure Water supports it’s Turbo XQ line of products with unmatched global support services that ensure that each customer’s investment is fully protected. Our Global Support Services* include:

  • Worldwide On-Site Factory Installation, Technical and Operational Training Available
  • 24-Hour Guaranteed Shipment of Critical Components
  • 24-Hour Emergency Phone Support
  • Emergency Product Replacement
  • Analysis of Feedwater Data
  • CAD Drawing of Installation Layout
  • Automatic Filter Shipment Program
  • Technical Support Program

* Some of the services may be optional and may require an additional fee.

Our Team

Our team of experts is ready to serve your organization! Learn more about them here: