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Press Release: Turbo Pure Water XQ-1400HS installed to help fight turbine corrosion for City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Calif. – Turbo Pure Water™, a division of Pure and Secure LLC, is pleased to announce that the City of Los Angeles Fleet Services Division, Helicopter Operations has joined the growing community of Safran Helicopter Engine operators who have made the XQ-1400HS an integral part of their engine maintenance activities.

Using high purity water from the XQ-1400HS for turbine, transmission, and engine rinses; airframe wash, canopy rinse, and battery filling helps fight corrosion and leads to increased safety and savings.

The XQ-1400HS produces up to 12 gallons/day of enhanced distilled water with storage capacity for 25 gallons of water in a built-in stainless steel storage tank. The XQ-1400HS enhanced distillation system features a water softening pretreatment and Pharmaceutical-grade dual deionization post treatment with purity alert lights to monitor the state of water purity. The water purity meets the Safran Helicopter Engine published requirements, of ISO 3696, for the control of environmental corrosion within their turboshaft engines.

The XQ-1400HS also features a built-in pump and drain system for ease of system maintenance as well as a safety shut-off.

About Pure & Secure, LLC
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Pure & Secure, LLC. is the leading manufacturer of premium water distillers for families and businesses. For over 50 years, our Pure Water brand of water distillers has been recognized as the single most effective way to protect against the full range of possible contaminants that can be found in water. Pure & Secure, LLC. is a family owned business that still manufactures our products in the USA to exacting standards.

Turbo Pure Water is a division of Pure & Secure LLC. Turbo Pure Water was created to address the specific needs of the high precision helicopter turbine rinse and airframe wash water market, and it has been expanded to include medical and warfighter support. Turbo Pure Water serves aviation teams around the world.


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