Integrated Turbine Rinse & Airframe Wash Water System

Turbo Pure Water Wash Rinse Systems provide high purity water for turbine wash and reverse osmosis for airframe water wash.  These systems are typically customized to meet the needs of the customer.  We take into account incoming water supply and quality then configure the system based on needs, budget and the operating environment.  Our systems are field proven from the Arctic Circle the the Saudi Arabian desert and points in between.

  • Ultra-pure turbine rinse water for superior performance
  • Protects turbines from costly corrosion
  • High-purity water for airframe wash solutions and extend airframe life.

airframe wash turbine wash

Systems can be customized for all countries and requirements.

Ultra-Pure Turbine Rinse
Distillation/Deionization to ISO 3696YesYesYes
Daily Production Rate12 Gallons (45L)60 Gallons (225L)120Gallons (450L)
Internal Storage Capacity25 Gallons (95L)75Gallons (280L)150 Gallons (560L)
DI Cartridges with Go/No IndicatorsStandardStandardStandard
DI Cartridges with Digital MeterOptional UpgradeOptional UpgradeOptional Upgrade
Pharmaceutical Grade DI SystemOptional UpgradeOptional UpgradeOptional Upgrade
Rinses Per Day Per Turbine (2 Gal (8 L) Rinse)62550
Standard Purified Airframe Water System
Daily Production Rate1500 Gal (5700L)2500 Gal (8500 L)5000 Gal (19000 L)
Standard External Storage Capacity500 Gal (1900 L)500 Gal (1900 L)1000 Gal (3800 L)
Washes Per Day (200 Gal (750 L) Wash71225

airframe wash flowchart