army national guard water distiller project


ARNG – Army Reserve National Guard

After the successful turbine rinse program with the U.S. Coast Guard, the ARNG tested a Turbo Pure Water XQ-1400 system at Fort Belvoir, VA with very satisfactory results.  The ARNG is now expanding the program to other bases.


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phi shell turbine wash project

PHI/Shell Project in Barrow, Alaska

The Turbo Pure Water XQ-72K and several XQ-1400 systems have been operational in Barrow to support oil drilling near Barrow.


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colombian air force water distiller project

Colombian Air Force

Turbo Pure Water systems have been installed and are operational. They serve multiple helicopters as well as some small fixed-wing aircraft.

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us coast guard turbine wash project

US Coast Guard: Great Inagua, Bahamas

The USCG was experiencing severe corrosion issues of their equipment due to the high chloride content. They requested a system that would do both turbine rinse and airframe wash of their HH-65’s and HH-60’s. We created a system in chloride-resistant stainless steel that could produce ultra-pure water for turbine rinse and multi-filtered water for airframe wash. The system has been operational for 3 years now with great success.

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